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Hable One

Write braille on your smartphone with Hable One

This new lightweight and compact wireless braille keyboard is designed to pair with phones and tablets via Bluetooth. Ergonomic and durable, it is the ideal device to help those who are blind or have low vision access technology and stay connected.

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Luna 6 in use on a map

Zoomax Luna 6 - Compact electronic magnifier

Practical wireless magnification for people on the go, with up to 19x adjustable magnification on a 5.5-inch screen and easy to use tactile buttons. It has near and distance viewing capabilities, a fold-out handle and stand, and has a wireless charging feature.

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Victor reader stratus 4M

Victor reader stratus 4M

Product demo

A simple to use desktop, media player which includes a CD drive to enjoy playing any song from your favourite music collection. Great, quality sound when listening to audio books and music, with self-voicing controls to make it easy.

Talking Button Alarm Clock

Product demo

This Talking Button Clock has a high quality loud & clear English male voice which tells the time and date at the press of a button and also has an alarm feature.

Large Print Keyboards

Product demo

These keyboards feature higher visibility and large text, catering to individuals with low vision including students, office workers, and older Australians.

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Talking Tech Podcasts

Adaptive technology guru David Woodbridge talks with Stephen Jolley about the latest developments and gadgets in the tech world from a blindness and low vision perspective.

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