Non Slip Food Preparation Board with Raised Edges - Red

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Non Slip Food Preparation Board can assist users with low vision to prepare their food independently and comfortably, both left handed and right handed.


  • The board comes with a pronged, detachable section that attaches to the raised rim of the board which allows for simple spreading onto rolls etc. and safe slicing of cheese, soft vegetables and fruits.

  • Slightly raised surface and three sides that will prevent a slice of bread from sliding off when you're spreading butter or jam, etc.

  • Easy to assemble and to remove the one hand and sits firmly on the raised edges of the board so as not to slip during cutting or spreading.

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Colour is red.


  • Non-slip board ensures that the whole unit doesn't slide around which makes the independent preparation of food possible.

  • Suitable for right and left handed use.

Suitable for users that may eat one-handed, have impaired vision, shaky hands, clammy hands and/or stiff fingers.

Please note

Not suitable for food preparation on the stove, in the oven or microwave. This product is not suitable for hard foods, for example an onion or potato.


Product Dimensions
  • Length22 cm

  • Width17 cm

  • Height5 cm

Package dimensions
  • Length10 cm

  • Width5 cm

  • Height2 cm

  • Weight0.5 kg

More product information

  • MaterialTPE Plastic

  • Warranty1 Year

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)No

  • Returnable (Yes / No)No

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)No

1 x Red Plastic board

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